HANSON International Advanced Driving School


The HANSON International Advanced Driving School puts you on the track with experienced instructors who share your passion for a unique driving experience.
Through our in-depth classroom and personal in-car instructions you will learn how to master the skills necessary to handle your car. For those of you that are experienced at these sorts of events, we do offer an advanced group with the provision for solo lapping.
During the day, you will learn various driving techniques, vehicle dynamics, as well as, discovering the limits of vehicle adhesion.
Although the setting is a race track, the HANSON International Advanced Driving School is NOT a racing school.
Working in an controlled environment the schools enable you to grow as a driver, and learn from the 'one on one' coaching from some of the best instructors in Canada!
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A brand new layout for the Mosport track.

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the chance to drive on this newly developed track!

Pre-2014 Track Layout

New 2014 Track Layout





Koni - KFP Magnum Pads